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Swing the Club!

Yes, it’s that simple.  Kent Keith, PGA Teaching Professional at Blue Mash Golf Course  (Gaithersburg, Maryland) will show you how to eliminate “thinking” about your swing and begin to feel and visualize the function of the golf club for effortless power and consistency.  Simplify the game, reduce practice time, and begin playing golf to your optimum level.

Kent has given more than 30,000 lessons as a PGA Professional.  His simple approach to teaching the game and a keen eye for the golf swing make him a popular choice as an instructor for beginners and advanced players alike.  He places emphasis on driving the ball longer and straighter off the tee and developing proper short game techniques to lower your scores.

His golf tips have been published in GOLF Magazine and aired on Sports Radio 980.  Kent has twice been nominated for the Teacher of the Year Award in the Middle Atlantic PGA and is a tournament winner on the MAPGA Senior Tour.

“My goal as an instructor is to help the golfer quickly optimize his or her ability to play the game and to have fun in the process.  Improving the golf swing starts with understanding the correct function of the golf club. “Golf club awareness” – the ability to properly feel and visualize the swinging of the club is developed by practicing correct fundamentals and engaging the mind’s eye.  Specific swing drills and video feedback are used in my instruction to develop these abilities.  My programs include on-course instruction to help students learn the finer points to lower scores.”  

Kent Keith, PGA     

        KK with Student

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