Category: Testimonials

Scott B.

I shot a 76 today at Bue Mash — my best round in years thanks to you!  Even got up and down from a bunker one time.  Hit 13 GIR.  Thanks!

Mike M.

Hey Kent, played my best golf today at Needwood this afternoon – shot an 89 from whites and played blue on #18 and shot a par! I got a lot of confidence with my swing now – I know I can go back there and card an 85 with some more help at Thursday’s lesson!!

Balazs V.

Hey Kent, I hope you are doing well! I just wanted to thank you for all the lessons and tips/drills you taught me over the years. Prior to your lessons, I was lucky to shoot a 110 round, however now with your lessons and time to build a routine with your drills, I’ve been shooting…


Both me and my son took a series of lessons with Kent Keith and both of us have benefited a great deal. Kent’s method of teaching is not a one size fits all. Both of us have different swings and areas of improvement, the lessons were geared to address each players individual ability and shortcomings.…

Mario D.

I first went to Mr. Keith as a beginner. He had easy to learn concepts that were helpful when trying to get to know your way around a course. That was four years ago. Armed with that knowledge I really started enjoying the game a lot and was instrumental in being bitten by the golf…

Rod S.

Your help is outstanding. Just two lessons done and I shot the lowest round of my life today. 84 at Rattlewood. Thank you thank you!

Rob W.

Kent – Thanks for sending these videos and I appreciate your guidance today.   I shot a 42 on the back at Needwood in the league tonight.   Had an ugly triple on 16 but otherwise pars and bogeys and I had several nice chips and pitches.   Your lessons have been very helpful and…

Paul J.

I played in our Club Championship in Florida this weekend and was lucky enough to win. I just wanted you to know that your lessons had been in my head the whole two days. All the work we have done has paid off. Without your chipping instruction and bunker lessons I could not have won.…

Craig B.

Kent, i can not express how good i feel about my lessons with you.   You are a great instructor.   I feel I am finally starting to see some light towards better understanding the physical dynamics of golf swings. Not to mention, the videos are great to show what i am doing vs. what i thought i was…

Craig B.

I played Musket Ridge in tourney on Saturday. I shot 44 – 48…w 2 one lost balls on back 9 and two sand traps costing me 4 strokes to exit.  Last year was 100+!   I have lots to work on but your lessons are amazing.  Thanks. Can’t wait for next lesson with you.