Kent Keith, PGA

Core Value

Scott B.

I shot a 76 today at Bue Mash — my best round in years thanks to you!  Even got up and down from a bunker one time.  Hit 13 GIR.  Thanks!

Mike M.

Hey Kent, played my best golf today at Needwood this afternoon – shot an 89 from whites and played blue on #18 and shot a par! I got a lot of confidence with my swing now – I know I can go back there and card an 85 with some more help at Thursday’s lesson!!

Student Video Analyses

Instruction includes audio/video analyses of your swings that are sent to you after your lesson! “Kent, I really like this video analysis program.  With your audio comments I won’t have to rely on memory for what we went over in the lesson!”   Thanks, Bill        

Putt with the Shaft

Balazs V.

Hey Kent, I hope you are doing well! I just wanted to thank you for all the lessons and tips/drills you taught me over the years. Prior to your lessons, I was lucky to shoot a 110 round, however now with your lessons and time to build a routine with your drills, I’ve been shooting…


Both me and my son took a series of lessons with Kent Keith and both of us have benefited a great deal. Kent’s method of teaching is not a one size fits all. Both of us have different swings and areas of improvement, the lessons were geared to address each players individual ability and shortcomings.…

Mario D.

I first went to Mr. Keith as a beginner. He had easy to learn concepts that were helpful when trying to get to know your way around a course. That was four years ago. Armed with that knowledge I really started enjoying the game a lot and was instrumental in being bitten by the golf…