Category: Testimonials

Tim H.

Kent is simply the best golf instructor in town.  Without laying it on too thick, I would recommend him over anyone else in the area.  A little over 3 years ago, I went to Kent as a beginner, and could not break  120.  Within a year, I broke 100; 6 months later I broke 90;…

Dave S.

  Kent, I wanted to touch base to let you know that I played in a benefit golf tournament today and, while it was a best ball format, it was, without question, my best round ever … with much thanks to you. My drives carried my foursome, hitting about 240-250 … generally straight.  I was…

Stu K

Kent – When I met you, I was doing everything wrong. I had something you called a reverse pivot, and my grip stance and swing plane were all wrong. I was actually doing nothing right. On a good day, I would break 100. I recall telling you that my goal was to be able to…

Bob L.

Kent, I went to the driving range this PM. The good news I did pretty good. I did all you taught me and made some minor adjustments. On the short clubs  I hit the ball consistently. The big test was the driver. I loosened the grip so my wrists were loose and the big thing,…

Carl A.

Played in my company’s golf tournament today. Won the longest drive.   On par 5, knocked the socks off the ball and it rolled to 271 yards.   Couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks. I think I’m finally getting the swing! Carl  

Kevin M

Hi Kent, I reached another milestone yesterday. I shot a lifetime low of 81 and had a 39 on the back nine at Mt. Pleasant (first time playing the course.) I had never shot below 40 on regulation 9 before. My next goal is to break 80. After my lessons with you, I have been…

Barbara B

Hi Kent from AZ.  Thanks to you and your lessons, I have joined the 18-hole ladies club.  Without your encouragement,  I would never have attempted to use the pitching wedge or sand wedge.  Both have been helpful to me.  Hope you are doing well and have a wonderful Holiday.

Ed P

Kent – Left your area 7 years ago, but you got me started in the right direction!!  Finally broke 90 at age 70. Major milestone.  Living in retirement community near Laguna Beach, CA.  Still improving.  Few bad shots. Good short game.  Next goal is 85.  You are a great teacher.